Igloo Creative House - 2020

Be a Hawk - Commercial

Igloo Creative Studio reached out to me to help out cracking the creative behind a new commercial for Plus500

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My Takeaways

After we sorted the technical payment details I knew it'd be for the best if all the team memebers that are related to the creative would come together on one board, that's when Miro came to play. On that endless board with put all our inspirations, sketches & remarks regarding our design decisions

At first, I sketched out the backgrounds and the main character. Once those were valid leads I started to refine them on Sketch.
I worked closely with Dov Walles (The Art Director) and it was such a breeze working with him! I'm very proud with final results and was surprised by the sheer details they added.

Thanks & Credits.

My sincere thanks to everyone who made this thing come alive:

Background & Characters - Amos Jerbi
Art Direction - Dov Walles Arik Ben-Ari
Animations - Dov Walles Guy Ben Haim Rami Rahamim Elal Chen Samay Levy
Online Animations - Arik Ben-Ari
Creative & Script- Itsik Alfon Mor Hefets Haggiag Arik Ben-Ari
Customer Plus500 - Mor Hefets Haggiag Itsik Alfon
Producer - Ben E Vaknin
Editor - Arik Ben-Ari
Photography & Videos - EKO Creative Yarin Aharonof Gal Dryzin
Actor - Ofer Ruthenberg