Moonshot - 2017

mills - fresh dog food

We set out to develop a product that would ease the pet owner's lives

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Logo Process

We wanted a logo that would appeal to young audience that are fed up with the old habits of feeding their dogs.
That's why we went along with friendly curved writing that misspells the word meal - mills.


Packing it up

In our first iterations we wanted to attach a mascot to the brand which will undoubtedly say that this snack meant for dogs.
But then it'd also insinuate that it's meant for a specific race and to avoid further confusion we imbraced a clean look that will have a vibe of a premium product.


Where can I get it?

You can order these snacks through an online store and if all goes according to plan it'll also be distributed in pet shops across the country. We wish the owners the best of luck!