bit Terminal

Now you can order your cash just before your flight at Terminal 1 & 3🎉



Following bit's latest design language that was introduced in 411 procedure led us to offer a new kind of service

One where you could order cash in any currency just before your flight and be on your way, all through bit!

Research and Objectives

To be frank, this service was already available at Bank Hapoalim's app. 😏

Due to bit's success and vast availability we thought it'd be a quick win to everyone just giving it a fresh coat of paint would:

1. Increase sales
2. Simplify the proccess to many
3. Will be a test to future services

User Flow

use swipe \ arrow keys to see more

There's an ad for it

Alright so we went all out with this new service by broadcasting it everywhere here's the bit Available on Youtubebut you can also

Needless to say it went viral & picked people's interest, it was quite a success in terms of sales (can't share the numbers, sorry).

Impact gauge

Results after launch


Average Completion Time


Engagement Rate


Million customers

Round of applause

Amos Jerbi (UI, Illustrations & Animations)
Jonathan Bar (UX Lead)

+ Our dev team, Chapter Leaders, QA