Bank Hapoalim - 2020

bit's Latest Intro

The most popular paying app in Israel with over 2 million users needed a new Intro process in order to broaden our userbase while adding value for new comers & veterans alike.


Making Changes.

Let's start off by saying that the old Intro forced you to swipe left 4 times till you get to a VERY long terms of use, shortly after you needed to scroll all the way down just to get started!

Things had to be changed to better the lives of our customers by showing right on the get go that you can achieve your goals in an easy and fast manner.


New Vision.

Our UX team nailed it when they offered the user to skip this process but then another challenge came to mind - how do we engage our audience so they wouldn't tap skip button?


The Illustration Process

After couple of sketches that illustrated the messages Tal (our fearless CX leader) suggested to show a user that completes several actions within the app and only the background would accommodate that change, it's also worth noting that once you complete an action the screen's background changes.

bit is part of Bank Hapoalim (which associated with red branding) and in its inception it was decided that bit wouldn't be associated as a bank and since there are several Banks in Israel & each has its own brand color it was decided to have vibrant gradient colors which at the time was very uncanny for a paying application.


Final Touches.

At first, the board members were really happy with the results and wanted to launch the above illustrations as-is because the old illustrations were stills as well, but that's when I stepped it up and asked for more time to make these illustrations move thus adding a delight while making the user discover our newest offering.

There's a nice plugin called AEUX (all our designs were made in Sketch), which lets you to transfers all the layers from Sketch to After Effects! Once I finished those animations I used Lottie & exported everything as a JSON to our's dev team delight!

When I showed the prototype people were hyped & as I predicated almost no one pressed the skip button because they wanted to see what's next slide is like. Woop woop!


Store Screenshots.

Ok, you go to your favorite app store and consider downloading a certain app what will you check out first?

You'd most likely check the reviews & app screenshots or skip althogether and just wing it, I think this step is also part of the Intro process - That's we also wanted to cover that ground as well even if you're very unlikely to see all the screenshots, it's part of the overall experience and we needed to own it.


Thanks & Credits.

High fives to all who were involved & hope to share with you more features as we push forward! ���

Amos Jerbi (UI & Animations)
Tal Solomon (CX Leader)
Itay Shhigger Zur (UX)
Karin Leshets (UX)
David Hazut (Head of bit's Product)
Shiran Gal (Product Manager)
Our incredible dev team