411 banking regulation

Bank of Israel has mandated all payment apps to authenticate user identities



Making transactions between users (p2p) through a phone number became very common with the introduction of bit.

To curb fraudulent activities, Bank of Israel has mandated all payment apps to authenticate user identities. Failure to comply with this requirement will render the app inaccessible.

Research and Objectives

To comply with the regulatory guidelines we needed to validate a user & their bank account.

For that, we needed to design a form that keeps the following objectives in mind:

1. Communicate why it's required
2. Keeping the churning rates low
3. Enhance collaboration with small businesses

Testing Prototypes

Upon our research findings we were greenlight to ask one question per a page

We came also up with small delights like when a user press 'next' we'd select the next field and raise the right keyboard for that field, it might seem small but it played a big role

User Flow

use swipe \ arrow keys to see more

Building mini design system

In order to be consistent we devised set of rules and component states that would act as an anatomy for our dev team.

The same was applied to illustrations & animations across the board.

This foundation will help us set in motion bigger changes we'd like to make down the road.

It also lowered development costs because we could use same components over & over.

Impact gauge

Results after launch


Average Completion Time


Filled the form

Million customers

Round of applause

Amos Jerbi (UI, Illustrations & Animations)
Uzi Cohen (UI)
Shay Beni (Animations, prototypes)
Lynn Alhadeff (UX Lead)
Jonathan Bar (UX Lead)

+ Our dev team, Chapter Leaders, QA